Stainless steel 304----Stainless Steel Angle Bar

Stainless Steel Angle Bar

Stainless steel 304----Stainless Steel Angle Bar

Stainless steel angle bars are regularly used for engineering structures, machinery parts, industrial tools, building construction etc. There are two main methods of angle bars processing, one is cold-worked or cold bend, the other is hot drawn. The difference is the angle of bend: cold-worked bar is smoother, hot drawn bar is right angle (sharp edge).

Stainless steel angle beads offer excellent corrosion resistance and durable service life compared with galvanized angle beads. Stainless steel angle beads help forms a true straight arris, which will not easily crack, providing a function to replace timber on plastering operations. The expanded metal wings ensure that the beads are securely anchored in the correct depth of plaster on either side of the arris. In specific uses, the angle bead protects and reinforces plaster for wall beams & corners.

Executive Standards:
ASTM A276/A276M, A484/A484M, A564/A 564M, A582/A582M,A638/A638M,A705/A705M etc   

Material Grade:
201、303、304、304L、310、310S、316、316L、316F、321、410、416、420、420F、430、430F、431、630、631,2205、2207、F51 etc.
Size Range:
Thickness 3-18 mm, width 20-100mm    

Finish Type:
Hot Rolled Finish, Cold Bend Finish


With advanced techniques of angle bar forming and press bending, this stainless steel angle bar is manufactured with great capacities. It is a durable item, resistant from moisture and acidic conditions; hence, users wouldn’t have to worry about if it's vulnerable in getting rotten easily. We supply stainless channels in 304, 304L, 316L.The maximum thickness is 12mm and the minimum width is 20mm. It is remarkable that we provide stainless steel angle available in unequal side.


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