Laser Welded Stainless Steel Finned Tube

Laser Welded Stainless Steel Finned Tube

Quick Details:

1. Laser welding process

2. Higher heat transfer ability comparing to HF welding and Wrapped fin tube

3. 99%-100% fully welded, without bubbles and space between fins and tube

4. Save cost and assembling space due to higher efficiency

5. ISO 9001:2008 quality certified

6. One of the few in the world possessing this technology



Product Description


Process Flow:


1. Order raw material based on customers' request.

2. Inspection on raw material when arrived

3. Laser weld the fin onto the tube, while monitoring the whole process

4. Cut into customized length 

5. Inspection on specification of finned tube

6. If required, we provide de-fin process, soft annealing, bending and coiling, welding connectors

7. Clean procedure, pressure test, drying and packing


Finned tube:


The finned tube provide by us is Laser Welding Type, which is different from the ones through HF Welding and Wrapping method. The fin (flat sheet material) is smoothly welded onto the outer surface of a soft seamless plain tube. The technology offers 99% to 100% fully welded condition. So the fin and the tube are integrated and inseparable, which avoids the heat resistance between fin and tube, and optimizes heat exchange efficiency. Based on this technology, fully welded Stainless Steel Fin Tube with high fin is possible, which can survive much more severe working conditions than other materials like copper, aluminum even cupronickel. Also it, on the other hand, shows several unique features such as enhanced physical structure, resistance to vibration, anti-corrosion ability, and long service life, etc.


Furthermore, it broadens the fin tube family, giving us more choices of fin tubes. With laser welding technology, producing high fin tubes of harder material becomes possible, such as Titanium. Or to obtain 100% fully welded fin tubes with different fin and tube material is also possible, such as copper fin on stainless steel tube, aluminum fin on copper tube, even silver fin on gold tube. 


Customized finned tube is available. If required, the fin tube can be made into various forms. They can be used for cooling and heating in a large scale of conditions. For example, coils in water heater, oil cooler in large machines, heat transfer part in boiler and heat recovering system, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry as condenser part or evaporator part, etc.


Right now the laser welded fin tube widely used in corrosive conditions, such as heat recovery in condensing boilers, and heat exchangers in Industries of Chemical, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Power, Food and Maritime.




Customized Outside diameter and Inside Diameter

Fin Height


Fins per Inch


Fin Thickness

0.4~  mm

Wall thickness

0.7~  mm





1. 99%-100% fully welded, with high thermal conductivity

2. Extremely strong anti-corrosion ability

3. Enhanced structure due to the welding process

4. Flexible as straight tube or bent or coiled heat exchangers

5. Low heat resistance between fins and tube

6. Strong resistance to shock and thermal expansion and contraction

7. Cost and energy saving due to long service life and high exchange rate




The fin tubes are mainly used in heating (gas-fired boilers, condensing boilers, flue gas condensers), in mechanical and automotive engineering (oil coolers, mine coolers, air coolers for diesel engines), in chemical engineering (gas coolers and heater, process cooler), in power plants (air cooler, cooling tower), and in nuclear engineering (uranium enrichment plants).