Finned Tube----Extruded Fin Tubes, Extruded Finned Tube

Extruded Finned Tubes


Base Tube O.D

Base Tube
Thickness (mm)

Fin Height

Fin Thickness(mm)

Fin Pitch(mm)

10 mm ~38 mm

1.0 mm ~3.0 mm

6.35 mm ~ 32 mm

0.8 mm ~ 4.0 mm

2.1 mm ~ 6.0 mm

Base Tube Material

Fin Material

Tube Length (Mtr)

Carbon Steel ,Alloy Steel ,Stainless Steel,
Copper Alloy

Aluminum (Standard) or Copper

≤ 15Mtrs


Finned Tube----Extruded Fin Tubes, Extruded Finned Tube


The extruded fin tubes are produced by compressing an aluminum tube, or sleeve, onto the base tube. The bloom is exposed to very high pressures which essentially "grows" the fins into the final fin profiles.This process manufacture an excellent strong joint with great resistance (fin stiffness) as well as exceptional heat transfer capabilities (longevity, temperature range). The advantage of extruded fin tubes are full protection of bare tube against corrosion and fin has high mechanical strength. Extruded finned tubes provide the most stable performance over time as compared to the other fin types. The fin is rolled from an outer aluminum tube by a process using pressure to create a rolled "pressure bond" between the liner tube and fins. The aluminum fin material completely encloses the tube, except at the ends where a tube coating can be applied.


Primaily extruded finned tubes are used in high temperature conditions and corrosive atmospheric conditions, such as operating temperatures less than 300°C or off-shore applications,heat pipes air to air heat exchangers for HVAC applications,air dehumidification in air treatment plants, energy recovery in air exaust system. This kind of fin design is the least economical as compared to the other fin types, main reason due to the increased amount of aluminum used around 40% also increased labors during the manufacturing. However this increased cost can be compensated if using lower grade parent tube material.  


Max. Working Temperature:  300 °C

Atmospheric Corrorsion Resisitance: OK

Mechanical Resistance: Poor

Fin Material: Copper, Aluminum

Base Tube materials: Any material available, such as Carbon steel Tube, A179, A192, A210, stainless tube A269/A213 T5 T11 T22 304 316

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