EN10305-4 Hydraulic Tube,DIN 2393 Welded Hydraulic Tube

Seamless Cold Drawn Hydraulic Steel Tube EN 10305-4

A wide range seamless cold drawn hydraulic steel tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic purposes.

According to the following norm and grades:

- EN 10305-4 E235+N / E355+N phosphate

- EN 10305-4 E235+N / E355+N Cr6 free zinc plated

Available from stock from OD 4 mm up to 273 mm in many different wall thickness.


Materials: E235 + N (ST 37.4 normally annealed - NBK), all tubes undergo eddy current or ultrasound testing, tolerances in accordance with DIN 2391, quality grade C, operating pressure in accordance with DIN 2413 

Manufacturer lengths: 6 m ±1 m 

Temperature range: -40°C bis +400°C (from +120°C notice pressure reductions) 

DIN 2391  Seamless precision steel pipes for Hydraulic system-ST 35, ST 45, ST 52 in BK and BK+S 

DIN 2393 DOM steel tube for mechinery 

ASTM A513 Seamless precision steel pipe 

ASTM A519  Seamless precision steel pipe-1020, 1020,1045 

EN10305-1 Seamless precision steel pipe for machinery use 

EN10305-2 Welded precision steel pipe for oil cylinder tube 

EN 10305-4 hydraulic bending precision seamless steel tubes 

JIS G3473    STC J70 

GB8713-88   10#,20#,35#,45# 

DIN 1630 

DIN 2445 

GOST 9567-75 

GOST 8734-75 

GOST 8733-74 

Mechanical Tubing: EN 10305-3, BS 6323 Part 5, DIN 2394 

Cold Drawn Welded Tubes: EN 10305-2, BS 6323 Part 6, DIN 2393

Standard Met︰ Synopsis of Process Routing: quality carbon steel → cold drawing → bright heat treatment without oxidization (NBK status) → nondestructive testing. In the wall honing and inside flushing under the high pressure→. Antirust oiling outside surface→plastic capping on both ends

  Main Features: high accuracy, excellent brightness, no oxidization on the outer and inner walls after heat treatment, high cleanness inside wall. The steel tube is able to stand high pressure. No deformation after cold bending, no crack after flaring and flattening . The complicated geometrical forming and machining can be realized. Color of tube: gray with white.

  Main Application: to be used in hydraulic system, automobile and in the occasion where the high precision, brightness, cleanness and mechanical properties of the tube are required. 

Seamless cold-drawn precision steel pipes E235N (St 37.4) and E355N (St. 52.4) according to the EU’s EN 10305-4 standard

a) E235N (St 37.4) – NBK – Normalized, phosphated and oiled inside and outside

b) E235N (St 37.4) – NBK/ZN – Normalized, electric zinc plated with Cr-VI-free passivation

c) E355N (St 52.4) – NBK – Normalized, phosphated and oiled inside and outside

d) E355N (St 52.4) – NBK/ZN – Normalized, electric zinc plated with Cr-VI-free passivation

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